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Building the BENCH

In the world of anesthesia, issues can arise FAST and without warning. Just as this holds true inside the operating room, chaos can also ensue outside the OR. One example is in personnel and staffing. In my years as an anesthesiologist, team members have suddenly...

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The DPI Way: Respecting Relationships

Whether you believe it or not, anesthesiologists and CRNAs are in the service industry. Relationships are important on many levels in our line of work. More contracts are lost due to the relationship between the anesthesia department and patients, nursing...

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Outpatient Total Joints

Can total joint replacements be done safely as an outpatient? In recent years, orthopedic surgeons and outpatient facilities have both been advocating to provide outpatient Total Joint Replacements (TJRs) for patients who qualify. This saves on costs for both the...

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Key Steps to Making the Right Hire

Key Steps to Making the Right Hire

One of the most important things an owner in a company can influence and control is the organizational process of hiring people. There is no question that everyone wants to make the perfect hire. However, …