Key Steps to Making the Right Hire

by | Apr 18, 2017

One of the most important things an owner in a company can influence and control is the organizational process of hiring people. There is no question that everyone wants to make the perfect hire. However, so many organizations make the mistake of basing their hires on the contents of a resume, one interview, and a “gut feeling.” I place much more importance on hiring than this, and I believe making a great hire is not that simple. Here are some key steps to hiring effectively:


Identify the state of the current situation, the obstacles the person will encounter in the role, the actions needed to overcome the obstacles, and what the desired results need to be. Identify specific metrics to be reached three months, six months, and one year after hire. Be very clear on what the definition of this successful hire means.


Understanding how a person is wired is critical to projecting how he or she will fit in the position you are looking to fill. Create an ideal profile for the position you are hiring for at the time. Send your top candidates an invitation to complete a survey. Validate which top five to seven candidates match the ideal profile by a minimum of 60%.


Colleague or employee referral
Online and social media ads
National recruiting firm
*Note: Our ideal hires are usually not looking for a new job when we approach them. We measure the employee satisfaction of our clinical staff by how long the waiting list is to work with DPI. Our staff typically stay with us for many years of service.


The initial 45 minutes you interview someone can be misleading. With one interview, it is usually impossible to really determine if the candidate is the right person, for the right seat, and will use the right moral compass aligning with the same values of the company. We perform multiple interviews—not only looking at the candidate’s past experience—but more importantly, putting them in the job before we hire them to determine their thought processes and how they make decisions.

In our line of work, the provision of our end product—high quality, safe anesthesia care—is in the hands of the providers we hire. This is why we always go above and beyond to ensure our hiring decisions are based on sound judgements and careful considerations.

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