Five Questions with Amy David, Our Longest Serving Anesthesia Provider

by | Apr 27, 2021

Amy David earned her Master of Anesthesiology degree from Our Lady of the Lake College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2008. A native of Jarreau, Louisiana, her healthcare career began when she worked in the Emergency Department at the mid-city campus of Baton Rouge General. After becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), she joined DPI Anesthesia in January 2009. In her free time, Amy enjoys traveling, reading and spending quality time with family and friends.

“Amy was a student who came through our hospital where she exhibited the qualities that DPI looks for in an employee,” said Gerry Pedersen, DPI Anesthesia’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Twelve years later, we have not wavered in our opinion of her skills, her compassion for her patients or her enthusiasm for anesthesia care. She has been a leader to her fellow colleagues and will always assist the facility staff in any way she can.”

Q: In such a competitive job market for anesthesia providers, what factors have influenced you to stay with DPI Anesthesia for the past 12 years?

When I started with DPI, it was a very small company. The owners and managers worked as anesthesia providers alongside me. Over the years, DPI has flourished and expanded, but I believe they still treat their employees as coworkers. I appreciate that DPI has maintained its core values and standards even during seasons of growth for the company.

Q: What career advice would you provide someone considering nurse anesthesiology as a career?

 There are many reasons to consider becoming a CRNA. I truly feel that the best way to always be appreciated and successful is to take the patient’s best interests to heart. There can be many pressures to do things differently in the workplace, but the patient’s comfort and safety are always top priorities.

Q: How has DPI Anesthesia supported you in enjoying your anesthesia career to the fullest?

 DPI has plenty of facilities to work at with many different types of opportunities at each. Employees of DPI can choose to work as much or as little as they want. They can choose to do their own regional anesthesia or not. In some instances, there are opportunities to work at multiple facilities or just one. There are so many options and I feel supported in working to the fullest scope of my practice by DPI.

Q: Is there a specific memory or event in your time with DPI Anesthesia that made you appreciate the company’s culture?

There are multiple examples of when I appreciated the company’s culture. About a handful of times, I have approached the owners and managers with questions, proposed changes or considerations related to my role. In every instance, my concerns were sincerely acknowledged and addressed. I’m very grateful to have such approachable members of the company’s executive team.

Q: What is your favorite part of being a CRNA?

I always make my patient my number one priority. I enjoy when patients are satisfied with their experience when I leave them in the recovery room. It’s especially satisfying when a patient was very nervous or anxious before the procedure, but afterward they are pleased that everything went well and it was easier than they expected.

Your Anesthesia Department Shouldn’t Have a Revolving Door

If you are in administration and find yourself being consistently introduced to new anesthesia providers in your facility, you may need to consider a change. Surgeon satisfaction hinges on the presence of consistent, highly capable anesthesia providers. Your budget becomes red when temporary staffing and onboarding expenses climb. Operating room turnover rates can take a downward turn when new anesthesia providers are becoming acclimated to your facility. For these reasons and many others, your anesthesia department should not have a revolving door. Your anesthesia management group should be hiring the best of the best providers and retaining them.

CRNAs, Join Our Team to Practice at Your Fullest Scope

DPI Anesthesia is home to many other CRNAs like Amy David who have been with us for the long-haul. Our CRNAs are the cream of the crop and are encouraged to practice at their fullest scope. We offer competitive salaries and benefits packages, flexible schedules and numerous opportunities for professional growth. We look to hire the top providers wherever we go and generally fill our positions very quickly. If you are interested in working with DPI, we are always willing to set up a call to review available and upcoming opportunities. View our available positions here or call us at 800.454.9902.