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Compliance Monitoring

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Department Management

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Focused on results, DPI is a trusted anesthesia partner equipped to manage your practice so that you can spend time focusing on quality care for patients. Our services will reveal any gaps in your billing, coding, staff scheduling, compliance, and other efforts that could be preventing you from realizing your full profit potential. It’s impossible to know for sure whether your practice is earning at its maximum potential without a complete audit to reveal shortfalls, and DPI can do this quickly to help you discover those shortfalls so that you can increase profits and grow your business the way you intended. Our experts have the knowledge and experience necessary to guide you through proper charting, coding, and billing procedures with laser-like focus to help you discover unpaid or outstanding billable revenue. Part of increasing your revenue is lowering your operational cost (and keeping it low) while eliminating waste without compromising patient safety. We can help you determine a more efficient way of scheduling surgeries and anesthesia providers, allowing for a potentially dramatic reduction of personnel time waste, which provides you with significant savings in the long run.


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DPI is highly experienced in providing consulting services to rural hospitals, surgery centers, and small practices seeking to optimize services, increase patient satisfaction, and streamline patient flow while keeping costs under control. Using the results and findings of a thorough evaluation, our team of anesthesia management consultants can help leaders determine current and future needs. After performing a full-scale audit of the anesthesia services that you currently provide, we can assess and identify gaps; review any issues you may have meeting clinical, financial, cultural, and service requirements; and develop a strategic plan and framework for forming a successful anesthesia department. Our services may include monitoring risk indicators set forth by The Joint Commission, federal, and state regulatory agencies. Periodic audits are also performed in order to create action plans and training seminars to help improve those services needing the most attention.

Compliance Monitoring

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DPI’s healthcare compliance services will identify clinical opportunities for improvement that are compliant with Federal and State regulations appropriate for your facility and assist in the reduction of costs while improving care. Our focus is to improve safety by minimizing the probability of events which will have adverse physical/psychological effects on patients/staff or result in physical losses to the facility/practice. Our goal is to promote commitments to quality improvement and patient/employee safety. DPI will work with your in-house officers to ensure accurate, ongoing measurements in areas related to adverse event reporting, Joint Commission compliance, clinical documentation, and Federal/State regulatory compliance. We monitor key risk indicators required by The Joint Commission, perform periodic audits, and develop a competency baseline. Our services allow for immediate event notification, increased event reporting, improvement in clinical documentation, a decrease in litigation dollars, increased patient safety awareness, standardization and improved efficiency, and improved communication among healthcare providers.


Recruiting, staffing, and scheduling. It’s an art and science we love.

We understand the importance of avoiding surgical delays. Time is money, and a missed case equals lost revenue. With our expertise in streamlining pre-admission testing, maintaining good working relationships with surgeons and administration, and analyzing OR scheduling on a real-time basis, we’re able to assist our clients in avoiding time wasted by eliminating staffing issues. First and foremost, our anesthesia providers are trained to work together with the OR staff to ensure on-time starts. Additionally, we use Treose—an innovative workforce management solution—that allows us to monitor efficiency metrics in real-time, enabling us to foresee and correct any staffing problems before they become issues. This also helps us improve OR scheduling because we are able to analyze case volume versus the number of anesthesia providers on the floor at any given time, preventing overstaffing or understaffing. In a pinch and need additional anesthesia providers? No problem. DPI places MD and CRNA locum tenens all the time.

We're experienced in running efficient pain management practices, too.

Whether yours needs comprehensive management, business support, or just a little guidance, we can help.

Our Story

DPI offers a full suite of anesthesia services. From comprehensive departmental management to back office support, we can provide the services you need to operate an efficient, high performance department. Our solutions are completely customizable and available on demand.

Our business started as a staffing company and continues to serve many clients with both MD and CRNA locum tenens. We are also experts in recruiting and placing full time anesthesia staff, committed to identifying the best candidates that fit your unique culture and practice setting.  After beginning our own fee for service anesthesia practice in Baton Rouge, LA in 2007, our company has seen tremendous growth over the years.  Currently, we are exclusive providers in several facilities in the southeast.  We welcome further growth opportunities in this market and beyond.

In 2009, we began providing back office support to existing small anesthesia groups and enjoyed great success showing anesthesia providers how to own their own practice and make it profitable.  Offering the business support and coaching services, we have helped many groups achieve and maintain profitability while providing the leverage and scalability a large company provides.

Today, we are better positioned than ever before to help our clients realize their full potential. We have a team of experts in place to work for you who understand your headache and know how to cure it. Our mission is to empower clients to achieve their vision–let us help you achieve yours.

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