Anesthesia Practice

When it comes to our anesthesia practice...

Our three core priorities are:

Service to Patients

ensuring they have a safe and exceptional experience.

Service to Surgeons

ensuring we offer the latest anesthesia techniques from highly skilled personnel while giving maximum operating room flexibility and most efficient turnovers.

Service to Administration

to prove our value by exceeding your expectations with services that match your needs in the most cost effective manner.

Our secret?

Good people. Great quality. Superior service. Like a well-oiled machine.

We’re serious about quality, both in the OR and in the board room.anesthesia-care-team

Effective anesthesia management comes with a customized combination of variables, but the foundation of them all starts with people. Our specialized recruitment team seeks out anesthesiologists and CRNAs that are focused on service, care, and representing the highest standards of DPI. We work hard to find and hire anesthesia providers who understand that patient and surgeon satisfaction should be a top priority for every case.

Our combination of competitive compensation packages and manageable service time fosters loyalty and dedication that only a satisfying environment can provide. We see value in encouraging and rewarding exemplary work ethic and behaviors, because the best investment we can make is in the quality of our anesthesia providers. Sometimes, the best anesthesia providers are already working in departments we are enlisted to manage or consult–and as part of our commitment to maintaining staffing consistency, we are always open to retaining existing, hardworking team members.

We believe in fixing problems and sticking around. We’re with you every step of the way. After we develop a strategic action plan and initiate positive change, we continue to work to improve stakeholder satisfaction. Our focus is on open, ongoing communication, because as an integrated strategic partner of our clients, we know how important it is to be on the same page. We maintain open books, allowing our clients the ability to view revenue and costs at any time, and we promise a budget based performance.

DPI is the among the South's fastest growing full-service anesthesia management providers.

It is our goal to provide our clients with the best possible MD/CRNA anesthesia service solutions for their organization.
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